Start-up founders to educate on how to invest intelligently

  • 2022-02-07
  • Lucas Bolt – a unique analytics platform, which provides detailed financial analysis of all companies listed on Nasdaq Baltic and is the first of its kind in the world – has been launched in Latvia.

This tool will help investors save time, better assess the financial condition and prospects of the companies, and make intelligent investment decisions.

“Investelligently provides an opportunity to gain unique insights into the finances of companies listed on Nasdaq Baltic. The unparalleled depth of the financial data allows you to see things that sometimes not even professionals can see,” says Vitalij Sostak, one of the founders of the platform.

The start-up’s founders hope that this analytical tool will help investors do what its name suggests – invest intelligently.

Development of the platform took less than a year

This unique platform, which features unparalleled financial data depth and interactive business analytics reports, took just under a year to create.

“The detailed financial data we collect on companies and our user-friendly analytical reports allow for much faster and easier analysis and comparison of company finances from every angle, and for smarter decisions about where to invest. Investors no longer have to look for financial figures that are scattered over thousands of pages of published financial statements. Now people can conveniently find financial analyses for specific companies in one place,” says Rokas Toomsalu, one of the founders of

The start-up team promptly provides accurate, verified and reliable financial data, including not only standard financial statements for listed companies, but a breakdown of specific financial items and other key performance indicators as well.

The platform also provides links to the companies’ published financial statements, so each figure can be traced easily and checked quickly.

The companies themselves will also find the information useful

“The main purpose of the platform is to systematise and automate the financial analytics of companies listed on Nasdaq Baltic. This will make it possible to evaluate companies’ financial positions in a faster and more thorough manner, and to make intelligent investment decisions. This structured information can be used not only by investors interested in the financial markets, but also by the companies themselves in order to assess the financial trends of specific partners, competitors or economic sectors,” says Mr Sostak in defining the target audience.

Anyone can try the new platform for free and assess its functionality, added value and benefits in comparing companies according to a many of indicators, and filtering out attractive companies according to certain parameters.

“We see that many investors in the Baltic financial markets lack high-quality, comprehensive financial information that is presented in a convenient format. On the one hand, there are professional information systems such as Bloomberg and Reuters, but their prices are only for a small number of institutional investors. On the other hand, there are a number of investment platforms for individual investors, but they oversimplify the analysis of companies by only providing a few aggregated figures. We provide a detailed financial picture of each company listed on Nasdaq Baltic and explain how to analyse and evaluate it. And we do it for a price that every investor can afford,” says Mr Sostak.

The founders of the new platform will not be giving recommendations on where to invest, but will educate people how to use the tool and make their own decisions.

“We’re going to be like IKEA – we’ll give investors instructions on how to do everything right themselves,” says Mr Toomsalu with a smile.

Will develop financial literacy

Those who want to learn how to invest or broaden their knowledge will find many free educational videos with financial analysis of individual companies on the analytics platform.

“We’ll also increase people’s financial literacy by explaining what financial indicators are important for a company, how to compare them, what information is less important, and what negative facts to look out for. We’ll give them a tool and teach them how to use it. We’ll give them advice on how to make decisions logically and strategically, rather than as if they were gambling at a casino and hoping for success,” says Mr Toomsalu.

The analytics platform will help people learn to invest like professionals – by gaining useful financial insights and making intelligent investment decisions.

The founders of the new platform are starting with financial analysis of the companies listed on Nasdaq Baltic, but don’t intend to stop there – soon they will be entering other markets as well.