Stability! MP Tretjakova becomes first MP of new Saeima to relinquish her mandate

  • 2022-11-02
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Stability! MP Nadezda Tretjakova has become the first MP of the 14th Saeima to relinquish her parliamentary mandate, the Saeima Presidium was told during a meeting today.

Party leader Aleksejs Roslikovs explained that the newly elected MP made such a decision "for family reasons", as she cannot arrange her personal life so that she would be able to fulfill her duties in parliament in good quality.  "The situation is still being assessed", but it is likely that Tretjakova will head Stability's! Latgale branch, the politician said.

Jekaterina Doroskevica could come in her place in the parliament as she is next in line terms of the number of votes in the Latgale electoral district, however, "it is not yet known whether she will be able to organize her personal life in such a way that she can fulfill her duties in the Saeima with high quality", said Roslikovs.

However, later in the day Roslikovs said that Doroskevica will be able to fulfill her duties in parliament and that all the necessary formalities will be carried out.

The Presidium of the Saeima has handed over Tretjakova's submission to the administration of the Saeima, informed the Presidium.