SkyWay creator files lawsuit for 10 million euros against Lithuania

  • 2018-08-22
  • TBT Staff

On August 16, 2018, a legal claim in the amount of 10,043,182.16 euros was submitted to the court of the Republic of Lithuania. The respondent will be the Republic of Lithuania, specifically the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Financial Crimes Investigation Service of the country. The initiator of the proceedings is the businessman and inventor Anatoly Yunitskiy, who is engaged with the development and promotion of SkyWay string transport. He was forced to transfer his project to Belarus because of unreasonable prosecution by the Lithuanian authorities.

The grounds for the lawsuit was the pre-trial investigation initiated in 2014, by which Lithuanian authorities were going to reveal signs of Anatoly Yunitskiy’s illegal financial activities. The investigation lasted for almost three years and ended with nothing. A year ago, the Vilnius district Prosecutor’s office issued a resolution to terminate it admitting that during the investigation no evidence had been collected to confirm the suspicion of the lack of good faith in the actions of Yunitskiy and his partners in the territory of Lithuania.

The Lithuanian authorities, which originally allocated land for the construction of a test site for Anatoly Yunitskiy’s project, backed away after a short time. The security services of the country thought that the then-Russian businessman was planning to start construction suspiciously close to the strategic high-securityfacility, the NATO airbase. The reason for expelling the project from Lithuania was the statement of the Central Bank that the activities of Yunitskiy’s companies were fraudulent. As a result of the pressure from the authorities and media, Yunitskiy’s property was arrested, the inventor’s family was forced to leave the country, while the project on the creation of innovative transport and infrastructure SkyWay complexes was discarded back for about two years, and the investment volume fell by no less than $ 100 million.

Anatoly Yunitskiy has repeatedly stated publicly that the conflict with the Lithuanian authorities might be related to the domination of Siemens Co. industry competitor in that country.

To date, despite all the troubles in Lithuania, SkyWay project is successfully progressing in the Republic of Belarus: four types of track structure have been built, the fifth one is already under construction; four types of rolling stock have been tested and certified and its new samples are being tested. Just recently, the project obtained support from the government of the United Arab Emirates: SkyWay was provided with land for the construction of urban, cargo and high-speed transport complexes.