NOTICE of convening of the ordinary General Meeting of shareholders of joint-stock company “Baltic Technology Ventures”

The management board of the joint-stock company "Baltic Technology Ventures" (unified registration No. 40103655981, legal address: Rūp...

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The growing role of cryptocurrency in online games

Have you heard about the latest buzz in the gaming world? It's the growing role of cryptocurrency in

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Ratas: Center Party must take on role of opposition leader in Estonian parlt

TALLINN - In a letter sent to his fellow party members on Monday, leader of the Center Party Juri Ratas expressed concern over Center's rati...

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Lithuanian formin on Xi Jinping in Moscow: visiting war criminal brings different light

VILNIUS, Mar 20, BNS – Visiting a war criminal puts the whole visit in a different light, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsberg...

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Latvia's stance in relation to sanctions against Russia is serious and determined - British financial expert

RIGA - Latvia's stance in relation to sanctions against Russia is very serious and determined, said Tom Keatinge, Director of the Centre for...

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Elenger to start selling natural gas to households in May

RIGA - Elenger, a Latvian subsidiary of Estonian natural gas and power company Eesty Gas, will start selling natural gas to households when the ...

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Estonia files application for superficies license for Estonia-Latvia offshore wind farm

TALLINN – On Monday, the Environmental Investment Center (KIK) submitted an application for a superficies license for the Estonian-Latvian...

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Latvia climbs to 41st position in UN world happiness rankings

RIGA - Finland has been ranked the world's happiest nation for the sixth year in a row, while Latvia has climbed to the 41st position, altho...

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NATO forces show continued commitment to Estonia with a new Battlegroup

The UK King‘s Royal Hussars have officially handed over to the UK Queen‘s Royal Hussars the new lead unit of NATO‘s ehanced Fo...

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