World Cleanup Day 2022: nearly 15 million from 190 countries participated despite challenging circumstances, also in Ukraine

The 6th World Cleanup Day engaged 14,9 million participants from 190 countries despite conflicts, natural disasters and wars. Altogether...

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Alexey Navalny’s Chief of Staff, Leonid Volkov: “Everyone will be surprised by how fast Russia will depart from Putin's legacy”

Leonid Volkov, chief of staff of the now imprisoned Russian opposition heavyweight, Alexey Navalny, as well as chairman of the Anti-Corruption F...

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Lithuanian government‘s scorecard: a glass more empty than full

During its first two years in office the right-of-center Lithuanian government faced an unprecedented number of serious challenges: the Covid-19...

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Infectologist Saulius Caplinskas:

When after 30 years I finally met Professor Saulius Caplinskas, now already the ex-director of Lithuania’s Center for Infectious Diseases ...

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The Key to the Availability of Medicines – Local Manufacturers

It is no secret that for several months now in Latvia medicines have been in acutely short supply both on the shelves of pharmacies and ...

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The state must think about the fulfillment of human rights, including the right to go to court

The society of the world has realized how important a role human rights play and that they are the basis of a democratic state. It is th...

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Baltic expats in India shatter colonial images of the country and discover spiritual life

India has had a long history of relations with the three Baltic States of Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. In fact, one quite astounding in a sen...

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Emil Avdaliani: “Turkey, Russia, and Iran are vying for influence in the South Caucasus”

The war ravaging Ukraine is reverberating loudly across the South Caucasus too – Georgia (now – Sakartvelo) finds itself uneasy with...

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