Eric Huang, head of Taiwanese Representative Office in Lithuania: “Lithuania as a morale superpower of global democracies”

  • 2023-11-28

“Lithuania as a morale superpower of global democracies can help Taiwan to make more contributions to the world,” Mr. Eric Huang, Representative and head of The Taiwanese Representative Office in Lithuania told The Baltic Times. He kindly agreed to answer the questions.

How is Lithuania perceived by Taiwanese people?

Lithuania is broadly seen as a brave, brilliant and far-sighted frontline democratic country in the world in the eyes of Taiwanese people. The size of a country does not prevent it from becoming a morale leader of principles and values. Reflecting on Lithuania’s strong support for democracies, including Taiwan, in the face of authoritarian coercions, Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Dr. Joseph Wu commended Lithuania that “Lithuania is a morale superpower!” in his speech in the 2023 Frontline Democracies High-Level Forum in Vilnius on November 10, 2023.

Taiwan is known for its big share in semiconductor production, but the country has little international representation, doesn’t it?

Taiwan is the 21st largest economy in the world that produce most of semiconductors for global economy. In the 21st century, semiconductor is the most traded good in the world with trading values higher than oil or petroleum. However, for such a high-tech, well-developed, and democratic country, Taiwan is unjustifiably denied access to international organizations, including the UN, WHO, UNFCCC, INTERPOL, that manages our global agendas of sustainable development, healthy life, climate mitigation and adaptation, safe society, and secure international air travel.

It should be the greatest irony of the international bodies that persistently advocate for universality of global participation and the slogan “leaving no one behind”. They leave Taiwan behind, a country which is not only 21st largest in the world by GDP, but ranks 10th in the global Democracy Index by the Economist Intelligence Unit, and ranks 4th in the world on innovation capability in the IMD World Competitiveness report. Taiwan can contribute to the causes of the international organizations.

However, the UN Resolution 2758 first has long been misinterpreted by China and its followers to block Taiwan from contributing through the global agendas. The UN resolution only deals with the issue of China’s representation, without touching the issue of the representation of the democratic Taiwan and her 23.4 million people.

We appreciate Lithuanian Health Minister Arunas Dulkys in publicly voicing for Taiwan’s meaning participation in all WHO organizations. And we are still looking for chance to pragmatically participate in the WHA to share our health and technological expertise with the world.

Taiwan established the Taiwan Carbon Solution Exchange this year. Can you talk about it, please?

Deeply aware of the world trends of net-zero emissions to combat climate change, Taiwan also officially established the Taiwan Carbon Solution Exchange this year, joining the ranks of countries with carbon trading platforms. Through the trading and circulation of carbon credits in the market, this initiative aims to create incentives for businesses to reduce their carbon emissions and assists industries in meeting international supply chain requirements and carbon reduction targets. It also encourages the development of low-carbon research and talent cultivation, creating a cycle of green economy to reach the goal of net-zero emissions by 2050. Taiwan is ready to leverage its advantages and strengths in green technology development to work with the international community in fields such as disaster relief, disaster prevention, the environment and green energy.

Taiwan is also successfully combating human trafficking, isn’t it?

Taiwan works hard with friendly countries to pass on intelligence and cooperate in investigations to stop any more people from being coerced into fraudulent activities. Taiwan has been recognized by the US Department of State as a Tier 1 country for combating human trafficking for 14 consecutive years over 180 countries and regions worldwide. In 2022, Taiwan’s police authorities uncovered a new type of human trafficking occurring in Cambodia and Myanmar and raised international attention. Taiwan’s meaning participation in INTERPOL will help to combine international resources and conduct cooperative investigations to create a safer world.

What else would you like to emphasise?

In addition, Taiwan as a busy air hub linking other industrial centers along East Asian, its inclusion from the ICAO means that Taiwan is blocked from contributing and coordinating issues related to technical interoperability, anti-terrorism and new technological developments. 

Global issues do not discriminate. As a force of good, Taiwan has never shrunk its responsibility. Taiwan can help, and Taiwan is always here. We look forward to the Taiwanese people gaining equal access to the work of global governance. Lithuania as a morale superpower of global democracies can help Taiwan to make more contributions to the world.