EU’s spending watchdog ECA President Tony Murphy: “Improving our efficiency is my top priority”

Be it the transportation of cattle and poultry on European roads, the ECB’s supervision of European bank risks, defence spending, growth a...

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European elections 2024: to keep our future in our hands, we need the Revolution of Hope

Imagine walking down the street, stopping a random person and asking them what they think about Europe. In the early 1950s, a TV crew did exactl...

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EU agency calls for longer term prospects for Ukrainian refugees

VIENNA - EU governments should make preparations to integrate refugees from Ukraine permanently, according to the EU Agency for Fundamental Righ...

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The 2023 Brussels Economic Forum addresses economic challenges, AI, climate change

How can we maintain Europe's competitiveness not compromising Europe’s social model that worked quite well until now? How to deal with...

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EU agrees new sanctions over Russia's war in Ukraine

BRUSSELS - The EU agreed a new round of sanctions over Russia's war in Ukraine on Friday, the one-year anniversary of Moscow's invasion,...

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European Commission president: Putin has failed to divide Europe

TALLINN - President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, who is visiting Estonia on Friday, said that Russian President Vladimir Put...

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Eurobarometer: Europeans concerned by cost of living crisis

TALLINN - The rising cost of living is the most pressing worry for 93 percent of Europeans, it appears from the results of the latest Eurobarome...

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