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Trump’s Opportunity: Make NATO Great Again

This week, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis will travel to Europe for his first NATO defense ministerial meeting. His counterparts there are nerv...

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Russia: Life After Trust

Once you lose faith in one institution, you start to lose faith in them all. Lessons from Putin’s Moscow. &#...

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We need strong leaders?! No thanks, not in Estonia

In recent years, there has been a remarkable change in Estonia’s political leadership. The new generation of younger, more democratic lead...

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Ex- US ambassador to Russia: The Baltics need to highlight their practical value to NATO and US

The Baltic Times continues interviewing high-profile US analysts knowledgeable in US politics and policies, and boasting of ties in former Presi...

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Cold front is nearing? Time to chill out!

As the Arctic frost is about to bite the Baltics again, a slew of start-up ecosystem trend-setters will be sizzling the audience at the TechChil...

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Latvian teachers’ “loyalty” amendment is nonsense!

Politicians quite often have a habit of dealing with peripheral issues so that they don’t have to think about important ones.  In Lat...

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The economic policy Trump should pursue

As Donald Trump assumes the US Presidency, a group of 35 prominent international business leaders, led by Unilever CEO Paul Polman and me, is st...

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Brexit and what the man in the street thinks today

Remember that the Referendum 6 months ago was only won by the Brexit camp by 52 per cent – 48 per cent. However, if a football team loses ...

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Interweaving the remembrance through the decades of hope

Inna Rogatchi is an internationally acclaimed writer, scholar, lecturer, filmmaker and art photographer. In her work, she focuses on the interwe...

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In Astana, negotiations for a settlement of the conflict in Syria will be arranged

It seems that a long-awaited breakthrough of the conflict in Syria is approaching. The parties are ready to start negotiations in a neutral coun...

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