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Support from Uncle Sam that raises questions

Last week Latvian President Raimonds Vejonis received a letter from US President Donald Trump, who I prefer to call the emperor of Trumpistan fo...

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The EU has its share of “little” erdogans and trumps

As editor, I never usually tell our commentators and analysts what topic to discuss. Yet some themes seem to be of special affinity to some. You...

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The October Revolution in Post-Truth Russia

Russia is locked in a battle between official history (the story of the state) and counter-history (the story of civil society and the memories ...

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Europe’s Dutch Turning Point?

Last week, Dutch voters dealt a blow to far-right populism in their country’s general election. With the Euroskeptic, anti-immigration Par...

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President Trump’s Necessary German Lessons

US President Donald Trump has criticized Germany’s enormous current-account surplus, which he considers the result of German currency mani...

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US student: Klaipeda is diverse, Russia is great, but the real charmer is Paris

If you look for real diversity in Klaipeda, the Lithuanian seaport, you do not necessarily need to take a stroll to the marina or the local seaf...

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UK ambassador to Vilnius: UK and Lithuania relationship will get stronger after Brexit

As the UK Prime Minister Theresa May has triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which was the formal notification of the United Kingdom&rsqu...

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How to make sure the Kremlin remembers Boris Nemtsov

Last month, thousands of people held rallies and vigils in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities across Russia to mark the second anniversary ...

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Baltic States’ anxiety will linger as long as Russia flexes out its muscles

Ahead of the Baltic States’ celebrations of the 27th anniversaries of the restoration of independence,  in Central Library in Brookly...

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Germany’s misunderstood trade surplus

Now that Germany’s current-account surplus has reached a record 270 billion Euros ($285 billion), or close to 8.7 per cent of GDP, the ong...

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