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Mission Siberia team above Arctic Circle to save Lithuanian exile cemetery

The yearly Mission Siberia 2016 has set off and, to date, has visited a number of Lithuanian deportees above Russia’s Arctic Circle. This ...

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Riga Graduate School promotes Art Law in Baltic-Nordic Region

A regular political dialogue and practical co-operation have been established between the Baltic and Nordic countries, with a potential for furt...

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Kvass and caraway: Ligo at Vitolnieki

While many Latvian Americans dream of making the pilgrimage to their ancestral country, a considerable portion of them are thrilled to leave the...

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Latvian students grilled English teacher from US on Donald Trump

A few weeks into my first teaching job in Latvia I realised that most of my students had never met an American in person. It seems so simple, bu...

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Vestiges of communism remain in Latvia after 25 years

On May 4, a national holiday in Latvia marking the declaration of independence in 1990, Latvia marked 25 years since the end of communism in the...

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How America’s oldest mosque was built by Muslims from the Baltic

The detached building at number 104 Power Street stands alone and out of place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a trendy district of New York City. Th...

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A day of historic significance: The opening of the Latvian National Museum of Art

After an extensive three-year renovation the grand palatial Latvian National Museum of Art (LNMA), regarded a national architectural monument, w...

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Chemicals are a burden to the Baltic Sea

HELSINKI - Overall, the status of the Baltic Sea has no longer deteriorated in the past few years. In terms of eutrophication, the situation in ...

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ky! - Exclusive with Estonia’s most exciting new band

ky! (pronounced “Koo”) is a new band fronted by Reelika Ranik (vocals) and Katrin Kvade (piano, electronics and production), with a ...

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An amphitheatre worthy of Latvia’s hundredth birthday

In two years, Latvia will celebrate its 100th birthday. And in a way quite typical of this nation of singers, one of the main events will be an ...

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