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Olympics: Latvia lose out to Switzerland in last eight seconds of game

In a tight battle from the start, with both goaltenders in superb form, the Latvia-Switzerland

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Latvia wins first medal at Sochi Winter Olympics

Latvia has won its first medal at the Sochi Winter Olympics. Brothers, Andris and Juris Sics w

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Dynamite stash discovered in city center

Five kilograms of dynamite have been discovered in an attic in Riga sparking safety fears.

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Cost overruns mar EU funded library project

Lithuania's Parliament Speaker Loreta Grauziniene on Feb. 12 visited Kretinga and inspecte

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Big engines, big tax bill

Tax on cars in Lithuania will soon be decided based on engine capacity if a new proposal goes

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Culture policy principles agreed

The Estonian Riigikogu approved at the Feb. 12 session, with 72 for votes, the culture policy

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Cold War or not, repeated nonsense is still nonsense

In the open letter to the U.S. ambassador (TBT 826), the author, Aivars Slucis, exhibits most of his

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Lithuanian firms ready to enter Chinese market

More Lithuanian firms are ready to enter China's market in 2014, new trends show.

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Tourism rates improve in Estonia

According to Statistics Estonia, 1.9 million foreign tourists and over a million domestic tour

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EU funding plans target growth

The Latvian government on Feb. 10 approved the Finance Ministry's program for the European

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