Culture policy principles agreed

  • 2014-02-13
  • From wire reports, TALLINN

The Estonian Riigikogu approved at the Feb. 12 session, with 72 for votes, the culture policy general principles up until 2020, on the basis of which the state-level decisions concerning the culture sphere will be made, reports Postimees Online.

Riigikogu culture committee chairman Urmas Klaas said that based on the general principles of the culture policy, the aim is to create a society that values creativity, preserve and develop Estonia's national identity and study and store cultural memory and make sure it persists. Also, to create favorable conditions for the development of a viable, open and diversified culture room and for participating in culture.

Culture committee member, member of the general principles lead committee Mart Meri was satisfied that one aim has already been achieved. "Compiling the general principles forced representatives of culture circles pull themselves together and think what is most important for their sphere," Meri said.