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A visit to Ukraine’s wounded soldiers

While Nato intelligence reports last month showed that Russia is continuing to supply arms, munitions and supplies to separatist forces in easte...

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Visions of apocalypse

RIGA - Plagues, nuclear armageddon, alien invasions...when or how the apocalypse arrives is an

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Want your children to have happier and more successful lives? Turn them over to us!

To celebrate this year’s ‘Teacher’s Day’ we, your children’s tea

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The amazing careers of Igor Sikorsky

Igor Sikorsky (1889-1972) dreamed big.As a child in the 1890s, he dreamed of building

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Saeima elections and Latvia’s political challenges

RIGA - Latvians will go to the polls this coming October to elect a new 100 member Saeima, or

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Visa issues hold up Ukrainians swapping Crimean vacations for Lithuania

KLAIPEDA - This year’s high tourism season in Lithuania has been off to a great start, w

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When education becomes a whole difference experience

KLAIPEDA - In Lithuania, a country where disability is often still seen as a curse, families f

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Lithuania and the euro: Misstep or logical next step?

At the end of last year The Baltic Times launched a journalism competition, and last week the

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Stiff competition: Funeral homes fight over corpses in Lithuania

KLAIPEDA - Viktoras Stulovas had been in a medically-induced coma for three days following vas

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The marriage of greens and industrialists

BRUSSELS - Environmentalists’ efforts to push Europe forward as a global leader in tackl

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