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Latvia gets a little help from its friends

RIGA - The Euro Conference Latvia took place on Sept. 12 at the Great Guild Hall in Riga, in w

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Brighter outlook seen in economy

VILNIUS - The financial situation of Lithuania’s residents keeps improving, with signs o

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Fish farms should produce more

TALLINN - The production of Estonian fish and crayfish farms should be ten times bigger than i

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No contest as Latvia beats Ukraine

RIGA - Team Latvia spurted ahead of Ukraine 24:11 to end the first quarter, followed up by a c

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A much encouraged Russian and Belarusian invasion into Lithuania

KLAIPEDA - If you saw them strolling down the street, you’d certainly cast a glance at t

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Lux Express: Free protest

I have been to Liepaja a few times, and on all of those occasions, I went by car. There was no

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Central Asia - opportunities, challenges and perspectives: understanding the value of the region

Delegation work in the European Parliament is always challenging and, at the same time, very e

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Vice-minister calls tougher control for secondary schools “support”

With a new school year just started, amid the unease from both secondary school children and t

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Expatriates in Latvia

Expatriates, or expats, as they are often referred to as, are citizens of one country, yet liv

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Maestro Magi to conduct ‘Elijah’

Riga becomes Europe’s Capital of Culture next year, with hundreds of special events taki

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