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Tallinn promotes Williams concert

TALLINN - The Tallinn city government decided at its session on Aug. 7 to allocate 60,000 euro

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Court delays Calovskis extradition

RIGA - The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has accepted a petition filed by attorneys fo

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Overlooking oversight: Lithuania’s EU Presidency is high in No-Bid contracts

VILNIUS - A month into the presidency of the Council of the European Union, Lithuania is awash

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Don’t get too settled in, Mr. Snowden

Greetings Mr. Snowden, welcome to Moscow. I trust you will enjoy your brief stay in Europe&rsq

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The land of interesting people

The gay parade titled Baltic Pride and dubbed “the March for Equality,” which took

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Promoting human rights, with support from the U.S. government

BETTY is an alternative rock group from New York City that got its start in Washington, D.C.

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Joint Baltic Armed Forces

In a recent Latvian national news (LETA) article, there was a short article about Latvian Pres

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A walk through the park around Old Town

Riga becomes Europe’s Capital of Culture next year, with hundreds of special events taki

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Brand name mirage

BERLIN - Most of us when faced with a certain struggle connected to clothing remember the popu

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Red 2

Ah yes, Red 2. Or, as it’s otherwise known, the place where actors go when they realize

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