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Room for Russia?

RIGA - Though the total length of all Russia’s land borders is a total of 20,241 km, its

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Baltic sea region promoted as new model

The Baltic Development Forum Summit meets every year, bringing representatives from all the na

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Keeping politics outside of business

Distinguished, self-proclaimed development experts among the expat crowd were overheard last w

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“Sadly, in Lithuania we vote with our feet, not hands”

Septuagenarian Social Democrat dignitary of the Act of the Re-Establishment of Lithuania&rsquo

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How memory prevails

The Polish-British sociologist Zygmunt Bauman has developed the theory of the adiaphorization

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Festival returns as “last human venue”

RIGA - When the bi-annual Homo Novus festival was founded in Daugavpils in 1995 by the theater

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Season’s curtain raised to entertain

RIGA - Alban Berg was the poster-boy of fin de siecle intellectual art music. He was the young

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Socialist architecture explored

RIGA - Tallinn Architecture Biennale: Recycling Socialism will be exploring the modernist and

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Artists show latest survival techniques

RIGA - TWith strength gained from the peripheries, a slow revolution is overturning positions

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New Circus Weekend Sept 3-9 - VilniusHypocrisy

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