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Budget deficit risk to Lithuania’s euro hopes

VILNIUS - With Latvia on track to adopt the euro on Jan. 1, that leaves Lithuania, among the B

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Kinze base boost for Lithuania

VILNIUS - Kinze Manufacturing Inc., an Iowa-based maker of farm machinery, will open it’

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Book publishers improve results

TALLINN - Up to 40 new books have arrived at Estonian bookstores in 2012, evidence that in tim

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Room to grow for Mexican trade

TALLINN - Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet, who was on a visit in Mexico together with Fin

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Banks plan more lending

VILNIUS - A survey performed by the Bank of Lithuania shows that commercial banks, for the sec

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Exports show Estonia’s strengths

TALLINN - Swedbank claims that Estonia’s export volume per capita is very close to the s

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Rail funds to be used for modernization

RIGA - Latvia’s Transport Ministry will have a month and a half to inform the government

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Rail Baltica competes for cash

TALLINN - Estonian Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas considers Rail Baltica the most serious

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Company briefs - 2013-05-16

The European Commission demands that new cash injections into the Estonian national carrier Es

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Riga Port mismanaged, says report

RIGA - It is necessary to wait for recommendations from World Bank experts before reforming th

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