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Unlike the Poles, Jews and Russians, Klaipeda’s Latvians are forgotten

Sixty-seven-year-old Gotfridas Tapinas, the agile and spry chairman of the Latvian association

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The strange birth of liberal Lithuania

The American political theorist Mark Lilla once wrote a perceptive review essay on the New Rig

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Making it on 1,000 euros in the EU

CELLE - It’s been nine years since Latvia became a member of the European Union, the eve

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Star Trek: Into Darkness

Director: JJ AbramsMany modern day movie franchises are bas

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Fast car, fast art

TALLINN - The Goethe Institute, in cooperation with the BMW Group and Kumu Art Museum, is brin

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Slowhand brings his band to the Baltics

KAUNAS - Celebrating 50 years as a professional musician, Eric Clapton announced a limited num

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Upcoming Events - 2013-05-16

Toto CutugnoMay 16 Arena RigaTarja Turunen

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Europe struggles with black economy

PARIS - Undeclared economic activity, the so-called ‘black economy,’ in Europe shr

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Construction drags on Estonia’s economy

 TALLINN - Estonia’s economy slowed more than economists estimated in the first qua

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Moody’s warns on non-resident deposits

RIGA - Rising levels of non-residential deposits within the Latvian banking system are credit

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