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Hackers on prowl for larger prey, possibly Lithuania’s EU Presidency?

How does one get revenge on a trendy Web site that ferreted out and made public a bit of foul

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A lost generation

Unemployed, depressed, with no future – this is not a portrait of a home-less person you

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In women’s rights and gender equality, stereotyping is the worst thing

Silvana Koch-Mehrin, the 42-year-old German MEP and member of the group Women Rights and Gende

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Another view on the Cyprus crisis

The environment changes so rapidly at times that most people are taken aback by events that ma

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Attention, Latvian diaspora!

CELLE - The simple joke about an Irishman leaving the bar, intended pause for laughing, can be

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A piece of local history

KLAIPEDA - Dionyzas Varkalis is often called the living legend of Klaipeda. Restorer, master o

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The Great Gatsby Director: Baz Luhrmann

Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic book certainly has all

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Upcoming Events - 2013-05-30

Eric ClaptonJune 4 Zalgiris Arena, KaunasJune 5 Arena Riga

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Historic rock festival comes back for its 25th anniversary

TALLINN - The Rock Summer Festival, first held in Tallinn in 1988, will hold a one-off event i

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Pay gap worsens in Estonia

TALLINN - The fresh standard of living index of the Organization of Economic Cooperation and D

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