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Culture year kicks off

RIGA - The start of the New Year brings with it the start of a year-long celebration in Riga,

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Discovering Estonia

Boyle begins his journal wondering whether Estonia is “no more real than Narnia.”

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Images painted with words

Kristiina Ehin was born in Estonia, the town of Rapla. This fact is not mentioned here just to

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The road to happiness

BERLIN - Almost all men and women get up every morning and go through their days, taking their

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Traditional markets sprout in Riga

RIGA - For some people Christmas is a time for rejoicing and a rush of fun-filled activities;

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Tallinn sparkles with Christmas magic

TALLINN - Tallinn takes on an especially magical quality this time of the year as a fresh powd

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Diaspora art to exhibit in Cesis

CESIS - For countries to regain their independence after half a century of foreign occupation,

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Too real to be a dream, but not fit for reality

Florence is not especially pretty. Her limbs are too thin, too awkward, as if the artist moldi

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Last checks before winter sets in

ALUKSNE - I don’t know if you have noticed, but I think Winter has arrived, a good reaso

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Light biennale shines on Tallinn

TALLINN - Dozens of light installations will shine in the heart of Tallinn until Dec. 1, toget

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