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Latvian American jewelry visits Tallinn

TALLINN - After a successful tour through the United States, where it premiered at the Museum

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Upcoming Events - 2013-03-07

GregorianMarch 7 - Pramogu Arena,  VilniusMarch 10 - Z

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Koort’s work on display at the Kumu Museum

TALLINN - On Jan. 25, an exhibition of works by Jaan Koort, one of the classics of the first g

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Upcoming Events - 2013-02-21

Patrick WolfFeb. 23 Palladium RigaStone

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Virtuosity at its best

VILNIUS - The critics are vultures, the jury unpredictable. Virtuosity is taken for granted, t

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Independence! An old-fashioned meeting of music and politics

VILNIUS - Music is a powerful political tool. Wielded most forcibly in the 20th and 21st centu

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Upcoming Events - 2013-02-07

sPatrick WolfFeb. 23 - Palladium RigaStone

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Enjoy winter at the biggest ice festival

PARNU - Each season gives its miracles and attracts with the diversity in nature. Wit

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Astana - EXPO 2017: The First International Exhibition for CIS Member States

Energy shortages around the world make the leading powers seek new ways to solve this problem.

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Celebrating Jan Rustem’s 250th anniversary

VILNIUS - This year celebrates the 250th anniversary of the birth of Jan Rustem (1762–18

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