Light biennale shines on Tallinn

  • 2013-11-28
  • By TBT staff

TALLINN - Dozens of light installations will shine in the heart of Tallinn until Dec. 1, together with exhibitions and lighting workshops by international light artists at the first ever Tallinn Light Biennale.
The previous light festivals focused on light installations in the public space, while the first biennale will add an international reach to the event by creating a meeting place for international lighting professionals who will lead workshops and present their artwork.

“We want to focus on how to make the lighting in public spaces – streets, parks, playgrounds – smart and sustainable, and how to use lighting to create positive emotions and an aesthetic urban space next to its role as creating safety,” explains Eva Tallo, director of the Light Biennale.

The main program, from Nov. 29 to Dec. 1 lights up the installations by Ocubo (Portugal), I DID IT (Latvia), Matthieu Tercieux’ (France), Aleksandra Stratimirovic (Slovenia), MIM Project (Estonia) and Marko Crnobrja (Serbia) in and around Tallinn’s Old Town. The St. Nicholas’ Church, Kanuti garden, Metro Plaza and Fat Margaret will be dressed in the unusual lighting.

The festival program also includes guerrilla lighting that rebels against wasteful and missing lighting. “We want to show how much can be done with little resources using the amount of energy like a desktop computer,” says Eva Tallo.o


Guided light walks this weekend starting at 19.00 at Freedom square leading to all outdoor light installations.

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