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Pay gap worsens in Estonia

TALLINN - The fresh standard of living index of the Organization of Economic Cooperation and D

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Finacial Framework agreement sought

VILNIUS - On May 21 in Brussels, Deputy-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Vytautas Lesk

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Latvia optimistic on euro bid

RIGA - Latvia is convincingly meeting the euro convergence criteria, therefore positive conver

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Europe struggles with black economy

PARIS - Undeclared economic activity, the so-called ‘black economy,’ in Europe shr

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Construction drags on Estonia’s economy

 TALLINN - Estonia’s economy slowed more than economists estimated in the first qua

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Moody’s warns on non-resident deposits

RIGA - Rising levels of non-residential deposits within the Latvian banking system are credit

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Budget deficit risk to Lithuania’s euro hopes

VILNIUS - With Latvia on track to adopt the euro on Jan. 1, that leaves Lithuania, among the B

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Krugman to attend Economic Forum

RIGA - The first Riga Economic Forum will be held July 24 to July 26, which will also be atten

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Credit expansion continues

TALLINN - Estonian banks’ net income declined 22 percent in the first quarter from a yea

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Lithuania prioritizes growth

VILNIUS - Lithuania plans to balance its budget in 2016, a year later than earlier projected,

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