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Lithuania again taps bond market

VILNIUS - Lithuania sold 600 million litas’ worth (174 million euros) of bonds in a priv

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Dombrovskis soothes euro worries

RIGA - Latvia meets most euro-adoption criteria and is poised to join the currency area as pla

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False document put kroon at risk

TALLINN - Eesti Pank president Ardo Hansson said that the crisis at the banks connected to the

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Shadow economy grows during crisis

VILNIUS - As the prices of food and fuel went up, Lithuanians started tightening their belts:

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Audit shows false central bank document

TALLINN - When commenting on the VEB Fund audit, Estonian Prime Minister Andrus Ansip noted on

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Support grows louder for euro adoption

RIGA - The euro is a strategic goal of Latvia and a symbol of security; Latvia’s members

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Financial transaction tax faces delay

VILNIUS - Lithuania postponed plans to adopt a European Union financial-transaction tax, sayin

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Central Bank promotes cost-cutting

VILNIUS - The Bank of Lithuania starts 2013 having created a new structure with four specializ

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Borrowers benefit from Euribor drop

TALLINN - In the past half-year, the six-month Euribor has dropped 130 basis points (1.3 perce

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Kalsone says Latvia on track for euro adoption

RIGA - Nordea bank’s chief economist Tonu Palm said that when Latvia adopts the euro, it

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