Premium Rush

  • 2012-10-17
  • By Laurence Boyce

Director: David Koepp

Already all over cinema screens over the past few months, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is back once again. Him and Michael Fassbender (the other ‘I am in every film ever’ offender of the past year) should get together and take over the modern film business. Well, it’s better than letting Michael Bay do it.
In “Premium Rush” Levitt plays a New York cycle courier who is given a mysterious package to deliver from one side of Manhattan to the other. It would be a very dull movie if there wasn’t a corrupt cop (Michael Shannon) who wants it. Thank goodness there is then. As the bad guy stays hot on Levitt’s trail, our hero must rely on his cycling skills and knowledge of the city to avoid a fate worse than a flat tire.

This is a high concept and relatively simple affair filmed almost in real time. Director Koepp is clearly not interested in filling the film full of deep meaning and character development, instead concentrating on some pure visceral thrills. He does manage to deliver, filming much of the action at ground level as he creates a number of unique and breathtaking chases. Levitt – who appears to be doing quite a few of the stunts himself – is fine here though he may lack the real star presence to lead a film where there isn’t much of a character to hide behind while Shannon is having fun chewing the scenery as the google eyed villain.

All in all this is something of a slight piece of work, but there’s no denying that it’s well done. After the heavyweight blockbusters of the past year, this is a fine sorbet. It won’t fill you up but it will definitely leave you refreshed. 


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