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God-blessed and Satan-driven music lovers find right beat

KLAIPEDA - Can ear-drum blasting electronic music go along with the eco thing? Can music make

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Fine china at your service

PALANGA - The St. Petersburg Imperial Porcelain Factory is known as the “crown of Russia

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Upcoming Events - 2012-06-14

Fear FactoryJune 21 Rock Cafe, TallinnMegadeth

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The voice which cannot be mistaken visits Riga and Vilnius

RIGA - There are voices which disappear in the sea of music’s stars. Yet, there are voic

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When beauty arises in foreign lands

RIGA - People have always liked beautiful things. Although there are personal opinions which d

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Upcoming Events - 2012-05-31

Candy DulferJune 4 Congress Hall, RigaJune 5 Congress Hall,

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Making choices, keeping confident

KAUNAS - One of the most shocking artists, Marilyn Manson, is back in the Baltic States! The &

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National choir “Latvija” celebrates its anniversary and performs the sacral music

RIGA - Little steps are what take everyone forward. Everything progresses, but it always remem

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Upcoming Events - 2012-05-17

UB40May 18 Cido Arena, PanevezysMay 19 Siemens Arena, Vilni

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Dance for the people

TALLINN“I believe that dance came from the people and that it shou

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