The voice which cannot be mistaken visits Riga and Vilnius

  • 2012-06-13
  • By Sam Logger

ADAMS’ FAMILY: Bryan Adams brings his love to his Baltic fans.

RIGA - There are voices which disappear in the sea of music’s stars. Yet, there are voices which one can hardly forget. They have cemented their sound in the deepest cells of the memory, and as soon as they are heard they are recognizable. One of these voices is Bryan Adams, a musician whose talent has created many hits, sung by all generations and respected by all tastes.
The artist and the band invite admirers to the newest program, as his tour stops in Riga and Vilnius on July 2 and 3, respectively.

The Canadian star, born in 1959, is probably one of the most popular individuals of the industry. Having received many music awards and nominations, including Juno and Grammy awards, Adams is definitely amongst those whose career is driven by musical wisdom and creativity.

The artist has already spent three decades on stage, and it does seem there are a lot of things to come. His 15 albums, which sold more than 55 million copies around the globe, prove it. The tunes of “Please forgive me,” “Have you ever really loved a woman?” or “Cloud Number 9” not only have become world-known songs, but also have received a place in musical legacy. Many of these hits the musician will sing during his two concerts in the Baltics.
Bryan Adams is a man of titles, although all of them simply demonstrate his approach to life. As a singer, songwriter, photographer, producer and social activist he has decided to better the environment around us, whether it is because of his songs, which represent the emotions of people, or because of his foundation, which “aims to improve the quality of people’s lives around the world by providing financial help and support.”

Still, the music is what comes first when the name Bryan Adams is mentioned. It is sometimes hard to understand where his work actually fits in, as he ranges from solid rock to pop-rock, and all this amplitude suits him quiet well on most occasions. He infatuates us with a husky voice, and this is the trademark which often names him the creator of rock ballads. Rightly so. And this is what entertains us – his authenticity and never-ending dependence on music, not the show. Yet, this is also what can make him old-fashioned to those who are used to modern popular music. Those who buy a ticket to his concert can be sure that they will be invited to sing along, to sense the rhythm of his music and fall in love with Bryan Adams, if they have not already done so.

What is the main topic in Adams’ songs? Love! In the most romantic way he explains the rules of how to be loved, and send this feeling in return, combining the melody and the text accentuating that this topic will never grow old. Probably this message has let Adams be where he is today. However it may be, one thing is obvious – music sounds best when it is felt, and Bryan Adams feels every note of it.

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