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Lithuania needs investment to ensure growth

VILNIUS - The bank DNB has raised this year’s economic growth forecast for Lithuania fro

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After euro, Estonia focuses on long term growth

TALLINN - According to Ulo Kaasik, Deputy Governor of Eesti Pank, Estonia’s economic pol

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Central bank exhausted, now cut debt

TALLINN - European policy makers can’t rely on the central bank to manage the region&rsq

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EU slaps Belarus with sanctions

TALLINN - At a meeting of European Union foreign ministers in Brussels on March 23, a new pack

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Plan lacking on inflation fight

RIGA - Work on a government strategy for reducing Latvia’s inflation, launched last summ

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Lower VAT would cut Latvia’s inflation

RIGA - Latvia should consider lowering its value-added tax rate in the second half of the year

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Employers win

TALLINN - Estonia approved legal changes to make it easier for employers to terminate collecti

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EU looks to foreign trade to boost growth

RIGA - The European Union looks towards spurring economic growth via revamped trade with the A

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Domestic demand strong in Estonia

TALLINN - Estonian economic growth was the second fastest in the European Union in the fourth

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Exports weaken for Lithuania

VILNIUS - The latest international trade data shows an increasingly falling growth in Lithuani

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