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Latvia beats forecasts on Q1 growth

RIGA - Foreign analysts have a high opinion of Latvia’s 6.8 percent gross domestic produ

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Housing costs lead jump in inflation

TALLINN - Statistics Estonia data show the change of the consumer price index was 0.3 percent

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Rating upgrade goes against EU grain

RIGA - “If the situation in the eurozone does not see a rapid deterioration, and we ours

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Weakness ahead for manufacturing

RIGA - Manufacturing industry data have been fluctuating thus far this year; however, there is

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Despite demand, banks resist higher lending

VILNIUS - Though the banks are promising to ease loan conditions to the business sector, the v

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Estonian consumers slow their spending

TALLINN - According to Statistics Estonia, in March 2012 compared to March of the previous yea

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Growth slows from eurozone crisis

VILNIUS - The fast pace of Lithuania’s economic growth, even in the light of higher unce

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Latvian economy hurt by excessive taxes

RIGA - Latvia’s Finance Ministry proposes reducing the value added tax (VAT) rate alread

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Weak consumption drags on Latvia

RIGA - Latvia is no longer at the edge of an abyss, and there is light at the end of the tunne

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Banks shake off Snoras bankruptcy

VILNIUS - As of Jan. 1, 2012, the assets of operating banks in Lithuania amounted to 79 billio

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