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ESTONIATourest 2013. International travel fair on tour operators, tr

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EC delivers growth recipe

The European Council urged all member states next year to focus on five elements for encouragi

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Growth to continue for Latvia

Latvia’s economy will grow at least 5 percent, or maybe even a little more this year, wh

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Confidence steps taken in EU banking

European Union finance ministers brokered a deal on Dec. 13 to create a single bank supervisor

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Latvia leads Baltic surge

RIGA - In the first nine months of the year, Latvia’s economy grew 5.6 percent, thus &ld

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Household savings in Estonia fall

TALLINN - Estonia’s central bank, Eesti Pank, announced the results of a study by TNS Em

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Bond issue pays back IMF in full

RIGA - Latvia successfully issued seven-year government bonds, raising $1.25 billion on Dec. 5

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Banks’ response lags market demand

VILNIUS - The Bank of Lithuania conducted surveys on non-financial enterprises and commercial

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Consumers keep economies going

VILNIUS - SEB economists say that the Baltic States’ economies can resist negative trend

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Inflation ahead for Estonia

RIGA - The gross domestic product of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will grow 3.5 to 4.5 percen

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