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Eesti in brief - 2012-08-23

The film “An Estonian in Paris,” or “Une Estonienne a Paris” received

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Estonia marks re-independence

TALLINN - On Aug. 20, 21 years ago, the Estonian Supreme Council approved its decision on Esto

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Sester says ESM draft law ‘reasonable’

TALLINN - With the Minister of Finance Jurgen Ligi present, the Riigikogu Committee on Finance

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Social exclusion greets long term unemployed

TALLINN - Chief analyst of the Statistics Board Siim Krusell noted that in 2011, job opportuni

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Eesti in brief - 2012-08-09

Estonia’s Environmental Investment Center has provided more than one million euros for r

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Estonia speaks up

Estonian Foreign Minister Umas Paet said in Brussels on July 25 that the European Union should

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Michal says Meikar’s claims ‘unfounded’

TALLINN - The Estonian State Prosecutor’s Office has declared Reform Party member and Ju

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Voluntary conscription numbers increase

TALLINN - In mid-July, 1,699 young men began to discharge their military conscript service obl

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Physicists compete

TARTU - Estonia was the host of the 43rd International Physics Olympiad IPhO 2012, held from J

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Chickens lead culture movement

TALLINN - The so-called Culture Chicken project - live hens living in Tallinn and reminding ci

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