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Lithuanian MPs cling to lavish parliamentary perks

KLAIPEDA - Lithuanian parliamentarians’ 2,000 euro salary per month is at the bottom of

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Technocrats and governments

Greece and Italy have both recently installed governments which are being called technocratic

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The dream and the reality

Elina Mitina is a laureate lyric soprano singer with one of the biggest voices in the opera in

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The future of Latvians abroad

Last week I had the privilege of attending the celebration of Latvian Independence Day in my h

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EU creeping towards fiscal union

RIGA - The European Union on Nov. 23 called for sweeping powers to override national budgets a

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Ligi not bothered by Big Brother in Brussels

TALLINN - Eurozone newcomer Estonia urged fellow members on Nov. 24 to commit themselves to ba

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Small business struggles after Krajbanka closure

RIGA - Experts believe that if Latvijas Krajbanka is liquidated, Latvia’s economy will s

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Telecommunications companies doing well, despite the occasional meteorite

RIGA - “Latvians are not very chatty people, but they sure do love to talk on the phone,

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Insurance market to expand as 2012 growth expected to be moderate

KLAIPEDA - Stronger insurance market performance is a tell-tale sign of a rebounding economy,

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A year to forget for Baltic athletes

RIGA - The ATP and WTP tennis seasons have now come to an end, and the Baltics’ top four

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