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BAS risks airBaltic share forteiture

RIGA - If Baltijas Aviacijas Sistemas (BAS), the private shareholder in Latvia’s nationa

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Belarusian human rights activist sentenced

On Nov. 24, Ales Byalyatski, head of the Belarusian Human Rights Center Viasna (“Spring&

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Ownership rights

ECOVIS Miškinis, Kvainauskas ir partneriai advokatų kontora Owne

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Lietuva in brief - 2011-12-01

If Lithuanian parliamentary elections were held at the end of October, only four political par

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Russia’s geopolitical games

On Nov. 23, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warned Washington that Russia could deploy nucle

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Latvija in brief - 2011-12-01

Starting from next year, the unemployed will again be offered various odd jobs by local govern

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Survivors meet on anniversary of the Rumbula massacre

RIGA - The Jewish community of Riga, and many others, gathered on Nov. 27 to remember the terr

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SDP finds support

TALLINN - The board of the Russian Party in Estonia (RPE) discussed at its meeting on Nov. 24

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Baltic Council urges united front

TALLINN - Addressing the Baltic Assembly’s 30th session in Tallinn last Friday, Latvian

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Work rules damaging to nation’s health

TALLINN - Restrictions imposed in Estonia ahead of its January 2011 eurozone entry have halved

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