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Latvian fitness clubs staying strong in any economy

RIGA - An ancient Latin quotation states that “A sound mind in a healthy body.” Mo

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Sports club choices range from cellar gyms to air-conditioned fitness centers

KLAIPEDA - If you are going to beef up a bit, burn the fat and add some muscle tissue to that

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New basketball season upon us

TARTU - Tartu will welcome in the new season of Baltic domestic basketball on Saturday, Sept.

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Sports in brief - 2011-09-22

Latvia’s Anastasija Sevastova has had a disappointing fortnight after returning to the c

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Lithuania picks up Olympic qualifying berth

KAUNAS - Lithuania has qualified for the men’s basketball Olympic Qualifying Tournament,

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Director: Gavin O’ConnorFor those of you unaware of what MMA (Mixed Martial

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The grand house of art

RIGA - Every nation tends to protect its national cultural heritage. Still, just as important

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Sirenos festival for theater gourmands in Vilnius

VILNIUS - EuroBasket time was a complicated one for theaters in Lithuania. When the Lithuanian

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Company briefs - 2011-09-22

From 2005 to 2009, the number of companies connected with offshore financial centers grew 88.6

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‘New Wave’ welcomes Trump

RIGA - The U.S. billionaire Donald Trump, famous for his comb-over hairstyle and fabulously gl

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