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Korea’s rapid economic rise and lessons for developing economies

Labor market policies and their consequencesIt would be fair to s

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Lessons from the Golovatov case

This summer was marked for Lithuania with the Golovatov incident. Lithuania should say “

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On the road to better democracy

It has been a dramatic year for Latvian Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis and his Unity party.

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Investment Fund regulation and opportunities for Latvia

The recent subprime crisis has led policymakers and regulators to analyze the so-called shadow

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Loans tied to better behavior

VILNIUS - Belarusian authorities should immediately liberate all political prisoners whose lif

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Clashing opinions on Greek reform

TALLINN - Minister of Finance Jurgen Ligi estimates that Finland’s loan guarantee agreem

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Risk factors surface in Latvia’s target for euro

RIGA - Although Latvia’s joining the eurozone in 2014 is still included in Swedbank expe

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Uncertainty in Estonia’s economic recovery due to eurozone slowdown

TALLINN - Investors “overreacted” to signs the eurozone’s economic recovery

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Luxury items selling once again

RIGA - Luxury goods entrepreneurs in Latvia think that the business is doing “well, but

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Luxuries to stay luxuries in Estonia

TARTU - The luxuries market brings up images of champagne parties in the south of France, priv

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