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Civil society: the OSCE Moscow Mechanism - a way out of the “Belarusian deadlock”

Civil society representatives from 27 OSCE member countries sent an appeal for urgent action i

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Structural reform in the ‘land of thieves’

Latvia has recently been hailed as a successful example for its making cuts in the budget to s

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Need for others keeps 73-year-old Tiger going

Eduardas Kaniava, a prominent Baltic baritone singer, professor, ex-Seimas member and one of t

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The Blame Game

No sooner had the tragedy in which U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords got shot occurred tha

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Interest rates remain steady

RIGA - Latvia’s central bank kept its benchmark interest rate unchanged for a fifth meet

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Lower prices ahead for Latvia

RIGA - Currently, prices in Latvia are increasing moderately, and there will be no rapid incre

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Euro brings good things to Estonia

TALLINN - In interviews to Xinhua, some Danish experts have said Estonia’s accession to

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No ‘big time’ without hard work

RIGA - The modeling agency business in Latvia is barely twenty years old. As it is in every bu

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Unique look is what agencies are after

TALLINN - Modeling agencies in Estonia, just like in Paris or New York, are companies that rep

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Catwalk glamour in London or Paris, catfight clamor in Lithuania

KLAIPEDA - In once-in-a-blue-moon fashion shows on a national catwalk, lanky local models stri

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