Lithuania prepares for its EU presidency

On Nov. 10, the Lithuanian parliament adopted priorities for the coming Lithuanian EU presiden

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Snoras Bank nationalized

VILNIUS - On Nov. 16, the Lithuanian government decided to take over 100 percent of shares of

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Corrections to the Labor Code of Republic of Lithuania

ECOVIS Miškinis, Kvainauskas ir partneriai advokat┼│ kontoraThis Novem

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Lietuva in brief - 2011-11-17

The Lithuanian national defense minister has set up a special working group to assess the situ

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Kedys story revived

VILNIUS - On Nov. 8, the program Abipus Sienos of LNK TV aired its interview with a man named

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Unrest spoils Polish Independence Day

VILNIUS - On Nov. 11, Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite went to Warsaw to congratulate P

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Serving the procedural documents according to the Code of Civil Procedure

ECOVIS Miškinis, Kvainauskas ir partneriai advokat┼│ kontoraOn October

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Lietuva in brief - 2011-11-10

By Nov. 4, the Lithuanian Labor Exchange (LDB) had registered 214,400 jobseekers, a weekly inc

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Lithuanian pro-Israel vote in UNESCO

VILNIUS - On Oct. 31, the assembly of the Paris-based United Nations Educational, Scientific a

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Unknown Latvia

VILNIUS - In October, philosopher Arvydas Juozaitis, 55, had meetings (the last meeting was in

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