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Ilves secures vote to continue in post

TARTU - On Monday, Aug. 29, the Estonian Parliament, the Riigikogu, elected Toomas Hendrik Ilv

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Laar solidifies patriotic stance

TALLINN - Estonian Defense Minister Mart Laar wrote in an e-mail after the shooting that took

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Eesti in brief - 2011-08-25

Edgar Savisaar, chairman of Estonia’s largest opposition party, the Estonian Center Part

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Election rhetoric heats up

TALLINN - Estonian presidential candidates Indrek Tarand and Toomas Hendrik Ilves criticized i

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The gloves come off in presidential race

TARTU - After months of silence about their positions and goals if they were to win the upcomi

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Eesti in brief - 2011-08-18

The XIV Dalai Lama Tendzin Gyatso was scheduled to visit the Estonian Riigikogu on Aug. 17 to

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Sweden in a debt of honor to the Baltics

TALLINN - Sweden owes its Baltic neighbors a “debt of honor” for turning a blind e

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Ministry of Defense attack unnconnected with Armenian community

TALLINN - Karen Drambjan, who attacked the Defense Ministry of Estonia on Aug. 11, did not hav

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Gunman killed in Ministry of Defense shoot-out

TARTU - On Thursday, Aug. 11, a lone gunman entered the Estonian Ministry of Defense. Later th

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Eesti in brief - 2011-08-11

A study conducted in the Interior Defense Academy indicates that the feeling of safety of the

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