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Estonia nearly doubles growth forecast

TALLINN -- The Estonian government has drastically improved its forecast for GDP growth this y

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China cancels visit by Estonian official amid Dalai Lama row

TALLINN -- China has cancelled the official visit of an Estonian minister later this month, in

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Fitch: troubled eurozone members can learn from Baltics

TALLINN -- Fitch rating agency has said in a recent report that the troubled economies on the

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Veerpalu appeal rejected

TALLINN -- The FIS has thrown out an appeal by Estonian champion skier Andrus Veerpalu, uphold

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World fashion of the 1960s returns to Riga

RIGA - Have you ever been impressed with the fashion styles which are dictated by society? Mor

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Ilves set for re-election

TALLINN -- Estonian President Toomas Hendrick Ilves looks set to keep his post for another ter

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Belarussian official turned away at Lithuanian border

VILNIUS -- A high ranking Belurussian official has been denied entrance into Lithuania as the

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Latvia’s youth in a disappearing trend

RIGA - Last year, 19,200 births were registered in Latvia, the Central Statistical Bureau anno

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Ilves, Juncker call for fiscal responsibility in eurozone

TALLINN -- The eurozone's newest member and its richest per-capita member have called for

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Latvian political maneuvering heats up as election looms

RIGA -- Latvian party politics is heating up as parties prepare their agendas ahead of next mo

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