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‘Schadenfreude’ and Economic Development

China’s manipulation of the renminbi is worrying the entire world about a currency war.

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Vytautas Landsbergis, patriarch of Lithuanian politics: no throwing peels

“I am sorry to keep you waiting. A parliamentary sitting has just finished, so before th

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Seeking Safety and Security in an Unsafe and Insecure World

Curiously enough, the independence of Lithuania, proclaimed and regained on March 11, 1990, wa

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Latvian budget deficit figures in

RIGA - The general government budget deficit last year totaled 4.8 billion lats (6.8 billion e

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Baltic exports continue to climb

RIGA - Latvia’s exports in the first seven months this year increased 26 percent from th

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Lithuania’s incredible forecasts

VILNIUS - Lithuania’s government approved a deficit-cutting budget for 2011 on Oct. 15,

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Estonians work on reducing personal debt

TALLINN - Estonia’s ruling coalition reached an agreement on the main principles of a dr

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Building industry plagued with price dumping

RIGA - In Latvia the construction industry appears to have suffered the most from the economic

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No crisis for Estonian construction company Merko Ehitus

TALLINN - Merko Ehitus is a construction company which operates in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuan

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Lithuania’s real estate market shows signs of recovery but mainly due to EU financing

KLAIPEDA - The construction and real estate market is still sluggish, but industry experts una

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