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Lithuanian government pushes new abortion legislation

VILNIUS -- The Lithuanian Health Ministry is pushing for new legislation to the abortion laws

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Fingrid gives final OK to power link project

TALLINN -- Finnish grid operator Fingrid has announced final approval for an underwater energy

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Gene Zolotarev : How to destabilize the EU financial system and re-draw the map of Europe in three easy steps

It is commonly assumed that major economic or geopolitical calamities are either conceived in

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Dear TBT,

As a long-time reader of the TBT, I have been saddened by the decline of the quality of the co

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Things that are not, but should be discussed (What’s next for the Latvian dream: death or transformation?)

At first there was an idea to make a list of facts that would have to be considered before Lat

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The Time is Here

Well, here we are. The parliamentary election is upon us. Apart from the fact that you’v

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Still speaking the truth to power

Last fall, a mass walkout by staff at Latvia’s most respected newspaper, Diena, over rel

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Banks facing more bad loans

RIGA - Bad loans are likely to increase in parts of Central and Eastern Europe as the economy

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Lessons learned discussed at Economic Forum

RIGA - Estonian Prime Minister Andrus Ansip, during the 11th Baltic Economic Forum, stressed t

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Jewelry sellers struggle to survive

RIGA - The jewelry business experienced one of the biggest challenges in recent years –

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