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Komorowski stretches lead in poll

There is growing support for Bronislaw Komorowski ahead of the June 20 presidential elections, finds

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Putin comments on grandmother deportation during Finnish visit

Vladimir Putin, Russia's prime minister, unexpectedly took up the looming extradition

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Social Democrats want extended metro system

The Social Democrats in Stockholm proposed major investments in the Stockholm metro system today. Th

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Rising water levels along the River Oder leave most residents unfazed

Despite rising water levels, people living alongside the Oder river in the German state of Brandenbu

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Estonia welcomed into OECD

TALLINN - A ceremony was held Friday to welcome Estonia and three other countries into the OEC

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World Bank delivers harsh recommendations

RIGA - The World Bank delegation that visited Riga this week has recommended the country imple

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ATM operators squeezed

Companies that own ATMs are looking to a new cash transfer service to boost income...

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Riga set to host NATO Parliamentary Assembly

RIGA - Delegates from throughout Europe and North America have begun pouring into Riga, Latvia

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Ransome demand for kidnapped Lithuanian sailor

VILNIUS - Pirates have demanded a ransom of an undisclosed amount for the release of one Lithu

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Kaczyński's Mother Told About Son's Death

Concerns about Kaczyńska's health delayed delivery of news...

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