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Dutch half marathon runners outpace Malmö thief

Six Dutch people set to participate in Saturday's half marathon over the bridge between Sweden a

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Building a rapport with China

With a great deal at stake, Poland has put on its best face at Expo 2010 in Shanghai and is actively

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As flood subsides, mosquitoes move in

Poland’s flooded regions have been hit by clouds of mosquitoes, basking in the hot, wet conditions..

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John E. Woods: Bringing German literature to the world

Prize-winning translator John E. Woods has brought German literature to English speakers for more th

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Berlin and Paris strive for common ground amid signs of strain

While German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy presented a united front

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Auction Houses Target Russian Buyers

A reclining nude portrait, Orthodox icons and Faberge jewelry are lined up to attract Russian billio

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Finland is an island nation

Finland must not risk being stranded in the post-flying era of transport and logistics

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”No social problems can excuse such a behavior”

The riots and the burning down of a school building in Rinkeby, west Stockholm has become high polit

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Gretchen Parlato's first concert in Sweden a sweet homecoming

Jazz singer Gretchen Parlato's first concert in Sweden is special for a number of reasons, least

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State accounts for one third of IT spending

Latest figures reveal the country’s public sector spends more on IT than other Nordic countries...

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