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Latvian National Day celebrated

I stood uneasily at the door to welcome Latvians living in Scotland to the first ever official

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Go Green

Dear TBT,In Finland the debate on further investments in nuclear power has been fi

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Mistaken Identity

Dear TBT,It was not a good decision for Tallinn city to support the church festiva

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I would like to congratulate Latvia with the results of the parliamentary elections. I’m

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The collapse of Parex bank in 2008 was the straw that broke the Latvian camel’s back, fo

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Dear TBT,

As a long-time reader of the TBT, I have been saddened by the decline of the quality of the co

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One man who would be a tractor – a Latvian success story

In the absence of other political propaganda yet to saturate my mailbox over the next month in

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Objectivity needed

Anyone reading the anonymous editorial in the September 2 - 8 issue (“Looking at the Lit

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Good Samaritans in Riga

I am writing to share a story of kindness and generosity we experienced on Aug. 26, 2010 in Ri

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Illegal catch

Dear TBT,The Baltic states support illegal fishing in Western Sahara. The running

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