• 2010-10-06
  • Fridrihs, The Netherlands

I would like to congratulate Latvia with the results of the parliamentary elections. I’m deeply impressed by the fact that so many voters voted for the current prime minister and the government coalition, despite the fact that the government had to take so many painful measures in the past year, and still has to implement unavoidable budget-cuts in the near future in order to find a way out of the crisis. The results show that most Latvian citizens are ready to endure severe hardship as long as there is a real hope that this policy will gradually lead the country out of the mess, largely caused by previous governments. And when a country like Estonia is able to overcome the effects of the crisis and turn into a modern, innovative country with a consistent long-term policy, then I am confident that Latvia can achieve the same.

Also, a big compliment for the opinion contributions in The Baltic Times by Karlis Streips and Veiko Spolitis. In the past years they have relentlessly voiced their opinions about the poor political culture in Latvia, the disastrous influence of so-called oligarchs on the political decision making process, the media and the law-enforcement institutions. And last but not least the widespread political apathy among most Latvians that made these wrongdoings possible. In this respect the voter turnout of only 62 percent is still alarming.

I’m looking forward to reading much more from Mr. Streips and Mr. Spolitis in the future; please keep our minds sharp!    


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