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Bulldozing through the Latvian capital

Ainars Slesers earned the nickname "the human bulldozer" during a controversial sti

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Trade surplus for Estonia long way off

TALLINN - Exports of goods from Estonia in August this year reached 7.8 billion kroons (500 million

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Business leaders want government to deliver realistic plan

RIGA -  The Latvian economy has not yet reached its lowest point, despite some evidence of emer

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Expected growth next year to remain fragile, says EBRD

RIGA - The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has forecast that the economies of forme

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Renewables compete with non-renewables in delivering energy needs

TALLINN - Experts say that renewable energy, at least for the Baltic states, will be most viable onl

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Discussing life after Ignalina

Vilnius - The Ignalina nuclear plant will stop producing electricity at the end of 2009, as that pla

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Energy production in Latvia 's the force driving the country forward

RIGA - The modern sources of energy production are varied, but all energy that we use ultimately com

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Director: Hoyt YeatmanHoyt Yeatman 's the visual effects maker in such blockbuster m

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Eye vision: what is more favorable, contact lenses or glasses?!

RIGA - About seventy five percent of the world inhabitants have problems with vision. There are two

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Witches' fate in dilemma: to resurrect or break them down

NERINGA - On their brighter days, the word is that Witch Mountain witches were lascivious seductress

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