Medininkai massacre case closed on one suspect

VILNIUS - Lithuania's Prosecutor General's Office hasclosed the investigation on one of the s

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15 arrested for Vilnius riots

VILNIUS- Fifteen people were arrested inconnection with the riots at the Lithuanian parliament

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Casino crime wave continues in Tallinn

TALLINN 's Yet another casino and gambling establishment has been robbed inwhat may be a new

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LV Finance Min claims his English is "best in country"

RIGA - Latvian Finance Minister Atis Slakteris has told reporters thathe believes his English

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Vilnius protest turns violent

VILNIUS - Police were forced to resort to rubber bullets and tear gasafter hooligans hijacked a pe

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Ruling party calls for early elections

RIGA - The ruling People's Party has called for early elections to take place in the country sometim

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Pirates release Estonian hostages

TALLINN - Pirates off the coast of Somalia have released the crew of a Danish cargo ship that was at

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Lithuanian protest turns violent

VILNIUS - What began as a peaceful protest near the Lithuanian parliament building has turned violen

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Estonia may ask for loan

TALLINN - The Estonian Finance Ministry has reportedly begun negotiations with international finance

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