15 arrested for Vilnius riots

  • 2009-01-19
  • TBT staff

PHOTO: Nathan Greenhalgh

VILNIUS- Fifteen people were arrested inconnection with the riots at the Lithuanian parliament on Jan. 16.

 151 people were detained as having a handin the riot, while police are still looking into the cases of 15 otherindividuals.

 The second district court of Vilnius arrestedthe 15 people who have been put into custody ranging from seven days to onemonth.

 The prosecutors for the case havepetitioned the court to hold all detainees for one month.

However, judges have already released foursuspects on the grounds of inconclusive evidence.

A demonstration on theafternoon of Jan. 16 yielded a riot against the Lithuanian government's savingsplan. Protestors began throwing eggs and snowballs at the parliament buildingbreaking the windows.

Police had to use tear gasto keep crowds out of the building and to disperse the demonstrators.

An estimated 30 people wereinjured in the riot.

Vilnius' demonstration was the only violentprotest. Around Lithuania in Siauliai, Kelme, Taurage and Panevezys,events were peaceful.