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Tax reform efforts hit roadblock

RIGA - Parliament's rejection Sept. 17 of a proposal to introduce a real estate tax of 0.2 percent o

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Time for new leadership

RIGA - Nationalistic stirrings can be seen around Latvia as sentiment grows for a change in the stru

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Latvia's government tests limits of foreign lenders

RIGA - Latvia's Cabinet of Ministers at a special meeting on Sept. 19 agreed to cut 275 million lats

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Questions arise over government reforms

RIGA - The number of employees at the Latvian Ministry of Economy has been slashed by 25 percent, to

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Latvija in brief - 2009-09-17

Most residents of Latvia would retire before they turn 55, according to a public opinion survey carr

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Government urged to stop bickering

RIGA - At a Latvia's First Party/Latvia's Way (LPP/LC) council meeting on Sept. 12, Riga's vice-mayo

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SAC reports growing unrest

RIGA -  The government decided to define employment as a key priority on its work agenda after

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Latvija in brief - 2009-09-10

In August, compared to May, support among the population for Latvia's membership in the European Uni

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People's Party says no to new taxes

RIGA - Latvia's biggest governing coalition member, the People's Party, in getting its populist rhet

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Hard times ahead as unemployment increases

RIGA - Despite Latvian Finance Minister Einars Repse's claim that the economy will reach bottom in t

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