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National choirs to eclipse Madonna

TALLINN - As concerts go, the forthcoming Madonna concert represents a significant event in Estonia.

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Eesti in brief - 2009-06-10

Estonian companies are skeptical of religious minorities and more inclined to hire workers closer to

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Rask: ministry to blame for payment scandal

TALLINN - Chairman of the Supreme Court Mart Rask has said that a letter originating from the Minist

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Right, Center parties win EP elections

TALLINN - Centrist and right leaning parties have topped the lists at the European Parliament electi

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Eesti in brief - 2009-06-03

Estonia is in discussions on how to strengthen its military partnership with American forces in Afgh

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Tallinn mayor calls for votes via text message

TALLINN - The Mayor of Tallinn Edgar Savisaar has resorted to text messaging his electorate in a bid

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Ansip clings to power

TALLINN - Embattled Prime Minister Andrus Ansip, is planning to replace departed coalition partner t

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Eesti in brief - 2009-05-27

The private and public sector have been announcing wage cuts for many months and this is reflected i

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Emotional reunion with long-lost Estonian sister

TALLINN - A Moscow woman adopted in Estonia by a Soviet officer five decades ago has found her long-

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Eesti Energia to build 3 billion kroon oil-shale plant

TALLINN - Eesti Energia, the state owned oil-shale energy company, has announced it will commission

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